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The Minidoka Pilgrimage is scheduled for Thursday-Sunday,
June 19-22, 2014.

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Registration is now open for the 2014 Minidoka Pilgrimage
June 19 - 22, 2014 (Thursday - Sunday)
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In 1942, close to 13,000 people of Japanese-ancestry, many of whom were American citizens, were removed from their homes in the Pacific Northwest and sent to a desolate “incarceration camp" near Twin Falls, Idaho.  This summer, the 11th pilgrimage will take place with former incarcerees, their families, and friends - from Seattle, Portland and across the nation - to the former Minidoka Camp in Idaho.  This is an opportunity to learn, share memories, and ask questions about the Minidoka experience.  Consider participating as a way to bring your family together and reconnect with friends.  Participation is limited. -
The 2014 Pilgrimage will include:
In a change from previous pilgrimages, the Minidoka Pilgrimage will be conducting its own educational programming on Friday, June 20th at the Red Lion Hotel. For those who wish to attend the Civil Liberties Symposium at the College of Southern Idaho instead on Friday, June 20th,  seperate registration is required and must be done through the Symposium directly. To register or for more information about the Civil Liberties Symposium, visit or email Alan Momohara at
Registration deadline is June 1, 2014. 
Please note that lodging is not included in either the Seattle/Bellevue Package or the Twin Falls Package. Please arrange your lodging accommodations in Twin Falls, Idaho on your own.  Also, Pilgrims in need of services of a personal nature are responsible for arranging for such services prior to registering for the pilgrimage and are encouraged to travel with a companion for such purposes. For more hotel information, go here.
We will again be offering a SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP for this year's Pilgrims who are over 80 years of age and older, and were imprisoned in any of the American Concentration Camps during WWII.  This scholarship covers the registration fee, hotel, and bus costs (roundtrip bus transportation from Bellevue College to Minidoka) will be waived.  We are grateful to the 2003 Minidoka Remembrance fund and the proceeds from the 2014 Day of Remembrance Taiko Festival for making this opportunity available. 
We also offer a YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP for people over 18 years old to attend the pilgrimage and serve on the Pilgrimage Committee. Applications are due Monday, April 14, 2014.
For other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at