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Week 5: Elder Panel - Minidoka

Moderated by Yoko Fedorenko with guests: Alice Hikido, Sam Kito and Fujiko Gardner.


CONTENT WARNING: Please be advised that this program includes sensitive topics such as mentions of suicide, death, and fear of abuse.

Week 9: None of Us Are Free Until All of Us Are Free

The panelists--a Haitian immigrant, a child of Indian immigrants and a descendant of incarcerated Japanese Americans, respectively--discuss how they each came to abolition work. The discussion will cover what the words abolition and defunding mean in practical terms and why solidarity during this uprising for Black lives is--and has always been--vital. The speakers will also share pressing issues within communities they serve and practical things that individuals can do to be a part of this liberation work.


Haitian Bridge Alliance, Inc.


Black Immigrants Bail Fund


Detention Watch Network


Tsuru for Solidarity


La Resistencia

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