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Resources for Writing your Public Comment:


The BLM is asking for public comments on the proposed Lava Ridge Wind Project that would be in full view of the Minidoka National Historic Site. If approved, it will forever change the landscape and the atmosphere of this site of conscience. Make your public comment count! The proposed 400 unit Lava Ridge Wind Project is the largest wind turbine farm in the United States and is endangering the Minidoka National Historic Site. How can your comment pass the “substantive” test and be considered in the scoping process? Our goal is to have as many effective comments as possible included in the Environmental Impact Statement to significantly alter the outcome.

Tell your personal story about the importance of Minidoka and incorporate the National Park Service’s fundamental resources and values:

  • Environmental Setting: “Minidoka’s remote location in the high desert of Idaho provides an immersive setting that is fundamental to the visitor experience. Views of open fields and distant mountains create a sense of isolation on a vast landscape where Minidoka once stood…Extreme changes in temperature, the arid environment, and high winds that the people at Minidoka experienced are part of the environmental setting that are felt today. Experiencing this environmental setting allows visitors to better understand and connect to the daily lives at Minidoka.”

  • Commemoration and Healing: Minidoka provides a place “… for engagement, reflection, and healing. These sites provoke connections to individuals affected by the World War II exclusion, forced removal, and unjust incarceration, and serves to commemorate those who survived this difficult chapter of American history.”

  • Public Understanding, Education, and Involvement: “Educating and engaging the public in understanding the history of the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II, the fragile nature of civil rights, and the need to protect civil and constitutional rights in the United States is essential...At Minidoka, special events such as the pilgrimage the civil liberties symposium connect the
    public to the history that occurred here and its significance today.”

Watch this video for an information session and writing workshop with these three experts:

  • Ben Otto is an Energy Associate for the Idaho Conservation League. Ben protects Idaho’s air quality and climate stability by engaging directly with utilities and state regulators to replace fossil fuels with clean energy.

  • Holly Sandbo is the Northern Rockies' Manager of Outreach and Engagement of the National Parks Conservation Association.

  • Dan Sakura has worked with Japanese American non-profit partners and the National Park Service to create, expand, and protect World War II-era confinement sites as National Parks.

They walk through, step by step, how to write an effective public comment that cannot be denied!

Stay Engaged: Ask BLM to Include you as a Consulting Party


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Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) requires Federal agencies to take into account the effects of their undertakings on historic properties and to provide the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) with a reasonable opportunity to comment. In addition, Federal agencies are required to consult on the Section 106 process with State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPO), Tribal Historic Preservation Offices (THPO), Indian Tribes (to include Alaska Natives), Native Hawaiian Organizations (NHO), and other interested parties to identify historic properties, determine whether and how such properties may be affected, and resolve adverse effects. 

If your organization, or you as an individual, would like to be engaged throughout the Section 106 compliance, you can ask to be included as a consulting party. You will then be consulted as an individual or as an organization and notified throughout the Lava Ridge Wind Project. If you are interested in sharing information on these resources or have questions about the Section 106 process, please contact: Kelli Barnes, BLM Idaho State Office, phone: 208-373-3844, email:

For more information about the Lava Ridge Wind Project contact:

Kasey Prestwich, Project Manager BLM Shoshone Field Office, phone 208-732-7204, email: