Current Issue: Lava Ridge Wind Farm

Minidoka National Historic Site’s historic, natural, and cultural resources are currently being threatened. Magic Valley Energy has proposed the Lava Ridge Wind Project, a 400-unit wind turbine field on 73,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) property adjacent to Minidoka, 25 miles northeast of Twin Falls, Idaho. If built, it will be one of the largest in the U.S. Several turbines are slated to be installed on the historic footprint of the camp, and almost all are completely visible from the WWII Japanese American incarceration site in Southern Idaho.

The proposed project includes up to 400 wind energy generating turbines, up to seven new substations, approximately 198 miles of 34.5 kilovolt (kV) collector lines, 34 miles of 230 kV transmission lines, 18 miles of 500 kV transmission lines, 381 miles of access roads, 47 miles of temporary crane walk paths, a battery energy storage system, three operations and maintenance facilities, five permanent met towers, and construction-related staging yards. Engineering is preliminary, but the turbines may have a maximum height (including the rotor) of up to 740 feet. View project map.

Read the full project plan of development, guidance on submitting public comment, the full timeline and planning process, and other BLM documents here:

Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is prepared for major federal actions that may have a significant effect on the environment. The purpose of an EIS is to identify potential issues related to the project, analyze the project impacts, disclose them to the public, and use the information developed to make informed decisions. The EIS is a public document, and the public is encouraged to provide input throughout the development of the EIS. The EIS is currently in the first stage, called public scoping, in which potential environmental issues, project modifications, and mitigation to be evaluated in the draft EIS are identified. 

During the scoping period, the public is encouraged to provide comments and information on factors that should be considered in the EIS. Please submit your comments before the new October 20th deadline!

Resources for Writing your Public Comment:

The BLM is asking for public comments on the proposed Lava Ridge Wind Project that would be in full view of the Minidoka National Historic Site. If approved, it will forever change the landscape and the atmosphere of this site of conscience. Make your public comment count! The proposed 400 unit Lava Ridge Wind Project is the largest wind turbine farm in the United States and is endangering the Minidoka National Historic Site. How can your comment pass the “substantive” test and be considered in the scoping process? Our goal is to have as many effective comments as possible included in the Environmental Impact Statement to significantly alter the outcome.

Watch this video for an information session and writing workshop with these three experts:

  • Ben Otto is an Energy Associate for the Idaho Conservation League. Ben protects Idaho’s air quality and climate stability by engaging directly with utilities and state regulators to replace fossil fuels with clean energy.

  • Holly Sandbo is the Northern Rockies' Manager of Outreach and Engagement of the National Parks Conservation Association.

  • Dan Sakura has worked with Japanese American non-profit partners and the National Park Service to create, expand, and protect World War II-era confinement sites as National Parks.

How to Write an Effective Public Comment for the Lava Ridge Wind Project:

Evening Session

From the Sept. 15, 2021 Japanese American Memorial Pilgrimages session 












To further assist you in writing your comments/letters, read more about the impact of the Lava Ridge Project through this Briefing Document from Dan Sakura and the Team:

Submit Your Public Comment

The deadline to have your public comment included is now October 20th!

Email your comments to: or use the button below.

Or mail them to: Kasey Prestwich, Project Manager, BLM Shoshone Field Office, 400 West F Street, Shoshone, ID 83352 (Must be postmarked by September 20th) Tel. 208-732-7204



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